• Bauhaus Weimar

Bauhaus Weimar


It’s not everyday you get to walk out of the front door of one Hitler’s favourite hotels (google the elephant hotel and Hitler) and wander past Goethe’s place on the way to give a lecture at the Bauhaus. I’m eternally grateful to Professor Markus Weisbeck and his students for inviting me and making me so welcome, it was a real honour, and I have to say my visit surpassed all expectations.

The refurbishment of the entire original Bauhaus building is being beautifully handled, they are performing a minor miracle in managing to avoid the trap of making it feel like a dead museum. If you are as excited by history, as I am, then Weimar is well worth a visit. Tony.

1. Mr. Gropius 2. Mr Gropius’s office door. 3. The Signage for Gropius’s floor, the small yellow square on the bottom left is the only original piece of paintwork remaining 4. Wall painting on a lower floor 5. The Bauhaus entrance under renovation 6. Henry Van De Velde’s staircase 7. Henry Van De Velde’s office window 8. Weimar train station 9. Strong contemporary graphic posters on the street


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