• Semi-Permanent New Zealand

Semi-Permanent New Zealand


I have had a longstanding fascination with the land of the long cloud, the Maori culture with its vivid carved motifs and beautifully graphic face tattoos always excited my imagination. So when Simon Velvin invited me to lecture at the Semi-Permanent conference I jumped at the chance. It’s fair to say that the experience surpassed the high expectations I had by quite a way. It is such a physically beautiful place and the hospitality was fantastic. The conference, held in Hamilton, was of a very high standard with some great speakers and was completely packed throughout. My own personal highlight was hanging out with old friends Nick Kapica (who lectures at Massey University) and Dean Poole (he was one of the stars of AGI Open) and his wife Krista. It was also great to meet up with the Alt. Group gang. If you ever have the opportunity to go I’d take it, I promise you won’t regret it. Tony

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