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I’ve had a longstanding interest in Canada (stemming back to my childhood and tales of the Mounties) but never quite managed to visit. So when the invitation came to be a judge at the The Advertising & Design Club of Canada in Toronto I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t disappointed by the country or on the whole the work (well only a little disappointed, I didn’t see a Mounty). The easygoing Canadian charm worked its magic and my appetite for another visit has definitely been whetted. Toronto is a large cosmopolitan city but with its wide open streets and a sense of space it retains a human scale that make it a pleasure to wander around. There is a nice mixture of building types from the low rise Victorian to the monumental contemporary this blend gives Toronto the feeling of being a place where people live rather than the often slightly soulless centre’s of many major cities.

The melted type on Steve’s music store was (I was told by the owner) caused by a blazing Police car when the 2010 G8 summit was held in the city. Tony

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