• Two go mad in Huddersfield

Two go mad in Huddersfield


The last time I was in this neck of the woods I was 15 (Tony, not Claudia) and found myself being forcibly ejected from Halifax Town v Huddersfield Town, for no apparent reason, by an overzealous copper. Naturally enough my return trip filled me with trepidation. Thankfully the friendly faces of Paul Heys and the students from the (very impressive) course he runs were there to greet us this time. It was a thouroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Thanks again Claudia and Tony.

1. Claudia and her i-Phone in the University caff. 2. Good design is - nice type, nice studio. 3. Early morning call/fire alarm at the hotel, a bracing start to the day. 4. Platform 54a. 6. Stevenage, where imagination takes hold. 7. The Spin studio is on Stannary Street. Tony’s mum lives in Stannary yard. Coincidence? Yes.

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