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Channel 4 Identity

Channel 4 had been working with ‘all the usual suspects’ for over a year, looking for a way to develop their identity, before they contacted Spin. After a chat about the way they saw themselves – the most creative channel in the world; a leader in television; a genuine innovator – we were handed a yellow Post-it note with the words ‘your solution has to fit on this.’ Our response, presented on the post-it was a pencil drawn box with a 4 inside it, positioned on the far right hand side of the ‘screen’. This was a space that no other channel occupied at the time. Our thinking was that the mark would sit at the head of a constantly flowing river of ideas.

Scope of work:
Campaign concept and creation
Identity development
On and off-air identity guidelines
Stationery and templates
Art direction
Printed matter
Motion graphics
Environmental graphics
Sound design and production
Font creation and production