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‘Is Edmund de Waal a potter who writes or a writer who makes pots? He has always equated writing with making, and finds that one very much informs the other. Though he is probably more widely known as the author of the bestselling book The Hare with Amber Eyes, he has long been revered for his ceramic art, incorporating elements of architecture, sculpture, installation and poetry, which is held in collections at major museums all over the world.’ – Jessamy Calkin (The Telegraph, 28 September 2012).

The crux of Edmund’s website lay in separately presenting both aspects of his prodigious output while maintaining a clear connection between the two. The colour palette, reminiscent of the various shades of naturally drying clay, creates a reflective atmosphere unusual for on-screen experiences. The graphic language, with its use of serif and sans-serif fonts and precise, delicate lines, subtly articulates function, while structure reinforces the feeling of quiet thoughtfulness. This is an easily navigable website that allows the viewer to meander through without feeling disorientated or pressured.

Scope of work:
Website concept, design and implementation


FHK Henrion

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