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More4 Identity

Commissioned by Channel 4 broadcasting, one of only five terrestrial networks in the UK, More4 forms a major part of the broadcaster’s portfolio of digital channels alongside E4 and Film 4.

Seeking a slightly older demographic than Channel 4, More4 was conceived as its smarter, wittier, older brother. Our graphic approach, with its uncompromising numeral and sock-in-the-eye colour scheme is entirely in tune with the provocative political satire, hard-hitting documentaries and fresh independent films that form the backbone of the channel’s offering.
The incredible viewing figures on More4’s opening night make it the most successful launch of any digital channel in the UK and it continues to perform strongly in a very competitive market.

Scope of work:
Identity concept and creation
On and off air identity guidelines
Art direction
Printed matter
Motion graphics
Sound design and production
Font creation and production

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