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‘Along the path to innovation, we discovered something beautiful.’ Nike. In Laser, the butterflies were a response to the delicate nature of the laser-etched patterns on the shoes and to their collectability. Released initially in very limited quantities, to secure all six designs was almost impossible.

Named after the insect that lives, breeds and dies in one day, the Mayfly is engineered to carry the runner to a distance of 100 kilometres and start to fall apart shortly thereafter. Incredibly light, comfortable, yet no stronger than needed to support the runner much beyond the finishing line. Our concept is inspired by the shoes’ lightness. Posters were screen-printed onto light silver foil wraps; display plinths were made from light foam; and the literature was printed on bible paper.

Designed to reflect the 1980s heritage of the original V-Series shoes, the Ascii computer language reflected both the times and the technology of the period.

Each project scope included:
Campaign concept and creation
Environmental graphics
Retail design