• Spin: 360°

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A long time coming, our monograph is here at last. Weighing in at an epic 520 pages it looks at all aspects of our studio life.

“360 degrees constitutes a spin. It is also a handy metaphor to describe a way of looking at a subject from every angle and perspective. This simple conceit forms the basis of this book.” – Tony Brook, founder and Creative Director, Spin

From Collate:

‘It's hard to believe that Spin have been around for over 20 years now but just flicking through the book you can see why they have remained at the forefront of British and International graphic design. Each page, a true testament to their skill and dedication to the field of design with a level of consistency and an immaculate standard of design output that few studios rarely achieve.’

Interview with It’s Nice That:

Tony Brook tells us about creating the huge new Spin studio monograph

Interview with Form Fifty Five

Scope of work:
Book concept and design
Content curation



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