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Visuell magazine

Deutsche Bank has the largest corporate collection of contemporary art in the world, with over 57,000 photographs, prints and drawings. Much of the collection is displayed within the working environment of the bank, its aim to inspire its employees and visitors. Our task was to develop a way of sharing the collecting philosophy of the bank and the collection itself in an intelligent and accessible way. We developed the concept of a magazine, calling it Visuell to allude to its content and recognisable in many different languages.

Over five years, we commissioned writers, photographers and illustrators to contribute to the magazine.

Project scope:
Research and strategic positioning
Magazine concept and realisation
Content commissioning
Art direction

Commissioned photography: Michael Danner, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Lee Mawdsley, Donald Milne, Peter Rad, Ewen Spencer, Nigel Bennett, Leon Chew, Bärbel Schmidt, Henning Bock, Trevor Ray Hart.


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