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Art and Design

Spin is the creative output of our London-based studio, which has been rotating between the poles of art and design since 1992. This revolution has so far been televised, animated, printed, photographed, pixelated and painted, but rather than offer singular or static solutions, our vision is for an ongoing dialogue between a conceptual practice and its many applications in the real world. In both the virtual and physical realms, we push and play with these boundaries when making work for the halls of commerce and retail, or for the walls of exhibitions. We create organic visual languages, lending design impetus to our art projects.

With a foundation in iconoclastic graphic design, recent years have found us pushing visual experimentation further beyond this core, into the realisation of diverse formal experiments with multiple outcomes including unique and limited-edition works of art. This hands-on approach unites analogue and digital strands of thought, orbiting our central focus on bringing ideas and images to life.