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Etcetera was an exhibition by SPIN, held in July 2022.

Exhibition text:

Art and design have long been intertwined — but if it was ever a simple task to distinguish one from the other, then the border today is no longer so clear-cut. At a time when art and design increasingly share the same formal, material and economic environments, for us they are not two separate disciplines, but the evolving outcome of our creative process. 

Etcetera presents some of our recent creations, collecting the experiments, offshoots, and outgrowths of our work beyond commissioned design projects. Spanning painting, print, sculpture, photography, video and animation, the exhibition brings together and blurs the boundaries of analogue and digital media, while finding inspiration in figures from Ovid to Gustav Metzger. 

Our native field of graphic design, we often hear, is a matter of ‘visual communication’. But what happens when this paradigm is stretched and expanded — when the visual is interested not only in communicating but also in scrambling, glitching, resignifying? Occupying the areas between legibility and abstraction, irony and sincerity, communication and withdrawal, Etcetera shows a world filtered through our attitude and understanding.

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